Application Process

1. Complete the online application request form
We will review your application request. Within approximately 3-4 weeks you should receive an email letting you know if you could be potential candidate for a PurposeFULL Paws service/assistance dog. We will set up a time for a phone interview to discuss the process and to allow you time to ask questions. Following the phone interview, we will send you the full, detailed application package.

2. Complete and submit the full application package.
Our application package includes a checklist to ensure that everything is included prior to submission and must include a $30.00 non-refundable application fee to PurposeFULL Paws. The completed application package can be mailed, faxed or emailed to PurposeFULL Paws. We will contact you when we receive the completed package.

3. Visit the PurposeFULL Paws facility to meet our service dogs and see a demonstration.
Once we review your application packet and contact your references, we will contact you to arrange a visit to our facility for an initial meeting. We will show you a service dog demonstration and you will get to meet some of our service dogs in training. During this interview you will also need to demonstrate the ability to afford the daily expenses of having/caring for a service dog. These expenses included vet care, heartworm and flea and tick prevention, food, equipment, etc.

4. Complete the PurposeFULL Paws in-home interview.
Representatives of PurposeFULL Paws will schedule a time to come to your home for an interview. We do this to ensure that all of our service dogs will live in a safe and secure environment.

Once these steps are completed and we have determined that a PurposeFULL Paws Service Dog will serve your needs, you will be placed on our Partner list until the right dog comes available.

Once we have some possible service dogs for your needs:

Schedule another visit to our facility to meet potential service dog partners.
PurposeFULL Paws will work to partner you with the dog that best meets your needs. We will also have you meet with our fundraising committee to discuss fundraising plans and goals.

2. Submit the client biography page to display on our_PurposeFULL_Paws website.
Take the time to write your story and we will add it to the page on the PurposeFULL Paws website.  (This can be submitted via email, fax or mail) Your family and friends can visit our website and participate in the journey of matching you with your potential Service Dog Partner.

3. Join our PurposeFULL Paws family in our fundraising efforts & events. While we work to train your service dog to assist your specific needs, you will have an opportunity to join the PurposeFULL Paws family in fundraising efforts and events.  This will give you an opportunity to know others who have received Service/Assistance Dogs as well as people in the community that make PurposeFULL Paws possible!!

Once your service dog is ready to become your partner

1. Attend Partner training with your service dog.
When your service dog is ready you will need to come to the PurposeFULL Paws training facility for a two week intensive partner and service dog training course that will teach you and your new partner to work together as a team. We will also go over how to properly care for your service dog.

2. Send in Monthly follow up.
You will be required to do monthly follow up report with PurposeFULL Paws for the first year with your services dog. This can be done through fax, e-mail or mail.

3. Attend Annual Meetings. You are required to meet with representatives of PurposeFULL Paws two times over the next year. We will contact you and arrange these meetings. This is a great time for you to ask questions or receive assistance with any training needs.

Your service dog team can come to PurposeFULL Paws at any time during the life of the dog for additional training, questions or assistance with their dog.

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