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Our puppies are really amazing us!  They are learning each task we teach them- step by step- and they look like they are having fun while they do it!  The work that our Puppy Raisers do on a daily basis shows in each of our classes- they are the best!  It can be difficult to be a consistent “puppy parent” but we can see the results in how quickly our puppies settle before class and follow instructions.


In this puppy raiser class our puppies are learning to be in a down under a chair.  This is important for them to learn to be in restaurants or other places where they need to settle under a table or chair to be out of the way of others that are moving around.  We want to develop this comfort level early so they are able to easily do it once they are taken out in public.  We are still working on “touch” to get them ready to turn off and on a light switch.  We always work on settling and staying in a sit or down- these are the most important tools for a service or assistance dog.

We will be going out on field trips soon as the weather gets nicer- yea- we are so excited!  It is so good for our puppies and dogs to be out around people and other animals – it is great practice!  If you see us out and about- say hello- we would love to hear from you!

If you are interested in getting involved as a Puppy Raiser or any other volunteer position with PurposeFULL Paws- please email us at  We would love to have you as a part of the PurposeFULL Paws Family



Thank you puppy raisers for such a great class this past week!  We are really seeing progress with the puppies settling, staying in a down and being calm around the other dogs!  They are all getting so much bigger- they really aren’t puppies anymore!  We got to work on keeping the dogs in a down with different distractions- other dogs, noises and silly dog handlers in party hats!  We were celebrating Buster’s birthday- he turned two last week! Buster-a very well trained Rottweiler-  is an “honorary member” of our puppy classes- he is Annie’s brother and one of our best distractions during class!!  We appreciate Joe and Chassidy bringing him in to join us!

We really appreciate the work that our puppy raisers are doing at home- it definitely shows each week in class.  We will continue to work on our “load up” into the vehicles as well as learning to “touch” a certain object so we will be ready for advanced training in a few months.  Everything is learned in “steps” so it takes a while- but it is exciting to see the progress.

If you are interested in getting involved as a Puppy Raiser or any other volunteer position with PurposeFULL Paws- please email us at  We would love to have you as a part of the PurposeFULL Paws Family!puppies

puppy class puppy class puppy class puppy class puppy class puppy class puppy class puppy class puppy classWhat an exciting Puppy Class!  Our puppies are doing so well and we even had some “guest dogs” to help us with our lessons!!

We are practicing our sit and down positions- which are the most important positions for a service and/or assistance dog.  While we want our puppies to learn how to retrieve objects for their partners, detect diabetes or help with other situations- all of them need to be able to have manners and be calm in almost all social situations.  We are working to shape our puppies into well behaved, well mannered dogs that can be trained to do more advanced behaviors as we progress in our training.

At our training this week, our puppies were learning to be calm and stay in a down position even though there was the distraction of people, noises and other dogs. This can be a daunting task for a puppy!  Our puppy raisers are learning good timing with their responses to their puppy as they help them to make good decisions while surrounded by these distractions.  We are so thankful for their time and dedication to this process with our PurposeFULL Paws Service Dogs!

If you are interested in getting involved as a Puppy Raiser or any other volunteer position with PurposeFULL Paws- please email us at  We would love to have you as a part of the PurposeFULL Paws Family!

Welcome Matt & Anne- we are so excited to have you as part of our PurposeFULL Paws family! 

Our puppy raiser classes have been impacted by this extreme winter weather- but we are working to get back on track as, we hope, the worst of it is over!  The dogs don’t seem to mind the weather AT ALL- in fact, they almost look like they are smiling as they run around in the snow! puppy raiserpuppy raiser

Our puppies are growing and maturing and doing great at learning their manners!  We look forward to getting some updated photos and videos at our next class so we can show everyone our progress.  Callie & Claire, our older service dogs in training, will be joining our class on February 20th so they can show off their manners around our puppies during class.  They are making wonderful progress in their advanced training – especially out in public- they are both doing well in both restaurants and other public places.

We are so thankful for our Puppy Raiser families and for our wonderful Service Dogs & Puppies in training!  We would love for anyone else who is interested in getting involved with PurposeFULL Paws to get in touch with us!  We can always use volunteers and donations of both time and/or resources.   Please contact us at if you are interested.

We are back and very excited about what 2014 holds for our puppy raiser class!!  We are working in a larger training area and our puppies are learning to be comfortable in their vests.  It is not time to go out in them yet – but we are working on it!  Annie seems to have mastered the art of the “down” very quickly, while Gus is our professional heeler!!!   Wynnie is learning well- as long as their is a treat involved – just like Pistol who will do anything for food!!

puppy raiser

Drop me a treat!:)


service dogPurposeFULL Paws is looking forward to our Service Dog Puppy Raiser class and Christmas Party this evening at our training facility in Bunker Hill West Virginia!  Our Puppy Raiser families mean so much to us and we appreciate all that they do!  These volunteers take a puppy into their home for approximately 12- 16 months and raise and train them to be well behaved adult dogs. They receive basic obedience training an exposure to different types of environments, people and other animals so they are ready for their specific training when they return to PurposeFULL Paws.  Getting our puppies off to the right start is what creates a wonderful Assistance Dog or Service Dog that can adapt to different circumstances and learn more difficult tasks to assist their future partner.  We are looking forward to taking some time this evening to extend a “thank you” to these families for their time, dedication and sacrifice to raise a dog that will be a blessing for someone who has a special need.puppy raiser






If you or someone you know would like to become a Service Dog Puppy Raiser for PurposeFULL Paws please check out the volunteer section of our website.  You can read the FAQ’s about volunteering and fill out an application.  We would love to have you part of our PurposeFULL Paws family!  If Puppy Raising is not your thing, we would still love to have you volunteer- check out our other opportunies and areas of need- we look forward to working with you in 2014!!