FUN ways to donate to the PurposeFull Paws Dog Food Drive….

Have you ever donated to a charity and wondered where your donation went?  Would you like to give to something specific so you know how your hard earned dollars are being spent??…

…THEN THE PURPOSEFULL PAWS FOOD DRIVE IS FOR YOU!!  EVERY DOLLAR DONATED GOES TOWARD FEEDING THE DOGS!!  Our dogs need dog food for meals as well as treats for training so they can learn their tasks.

In order to use our donated funds wisely, we purchase our bags of dog food and training treats through a distributor at a discounted price- which is such a blessing!  What does that mean to you, the donor?  All you need to do is click on the button on our website and put in the amount you would like to donate toward the food- no heavy bags to buy, carry or drop off at our facility!

Here are some creative ways to join in the fun with the PurposeFull Paws Food Drive:

  1. Office Teams– Get teams together at your office/place of business and see who can raise the most money toward a food donation
  2. Employer match-See if you can get your employer to do a “match” of funds that the employees raise to donate
  3. Sponsor a specific dog– Choose one of the dogs on our website to sponsor and raise the money for their food – for a month or for a few months or even a year!
  4. Get the kids involved– Tell your kids about the Service/Assistance Dogs and how they help people and show them some of the photos and videos on our website and then give them some chores/jobs to do around the house to earn the money to donate to the dogs
  5. Buy a bag, Give a bag– During the months of March & April when you purchase a bag of dog food for your pet- donate a bag of dog food to PurposeFull Paws.
  6. Get local businesses involved– next time you are at a local business where you frequently purchase merchandise, tell them about PurposeFull Paws and see if they would like to get involved by donating.

If you are unable to give- you can always just get the word out to others that might be able to contribute- every little bit helps and we appreciate all of it!

Our goal total is $5000 to cover all of our dog food & treats for the whole year!

dog food drive

Help us feed our wonderful Assistance Dogs in Training by making a donation of dog food or training treats- either online or in person.


Go to

Click on the button on the home page that says DONATE DOG FOOD

You can choose to donate the following for an Assistance Dog in Training:

$10- roll or bag of training treats

$25 – small bag of dog food- 2 weeks

$45- large bag of dog food- 1 month

or just fill in the amount you would like to donate toward the food & treats!

In person:

Purchase through Independent K-9- call Erin Compher at 304-270-6984 to schedule a time to come by the training facility at our- 219B Lawn St., Martinsburg, WV 25401 (cash & check in person/invoice only for credit card)

By mail:

Send check or money order to P.O. Box 442, Bunker Hill, WV 25413


If you would like to make a general donate please go to and click on the donate “bone” below the smiling Labrador Retriever :)

You can also mail donations to PurposeFULL Paws, P.O. Box 442, Bunker Hill, WV 25413.

Please consider joining our PurposeFULL Paws family by donating through your business or personally- we are a 501c3 nonprofit organization so your donations are tax deductible!   We appreciate any amount that you can give – THANK YOU!!

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