Puppy Raiser Program

PurposeFULL Paws Puppy Raisers are very special volunteers that open their hearts and homes to get our service dog puppies off to a great start! These volunteers raise a puppy from 7-12 weeks until 1-2 years of age when the dogs are mature enough to excel in the advanced training segment of our program. Puppy raisers are responsible for the daily care of the puppy along with socializing, training and exposing the puppy to many new environments. Puppy raising is an essential part of our service dog program that turns puppies into happy, confident and social dogs. Our Puppy raisers will have to be certified with PurposeFULL Paws by attending a course that will teach them how to properly raise a puppy to become a successful service dog.  PurposeFULL Paws covers the expense of veterinary care, food, training equipment, heartworm and flea/tick treatment.

Requirements for being a puppy raiser:service dog program
  • Cannot be convicted of animal cruelty, animal neglect or dog fighting
  • Must pass a home visit to ensure puppy will be in a safe and secure environment
  • Must either have a fenced yard, an approved kennel run or sign the PurposeFULL Paws leash agreement and follow it at all times
  • Must provide a Veterinarian reference to ensure any and all other animals in the residence are up to date on vaccinations and have received proper care
  • Must attend and pass PurposeFULL Paws Puppy Raiser Certification Course
The responsibility of the puppy raiser includes but is not limited to:
  • Keep the puppy at their residence and perform daily care for the puppy as well as providing transport to the veterinarian when necessary
  • Socialize the puppy with other people and animals
  • Expose the puppy to different environments which provide different sight and sound stimulation
  • Shape puppy behaviors using marker training
  • Teach household obedience and manners including crate training
  • Attend PurposeFULL Paws Training Sessions with puppy twice a month

How do I become a Puppy Raiser?

Step 1: Fill out a volunteer application.
Step 2: We will contact you for an interview that will take place at your home
Step 3: Attend and pass a Puppy Raiser Certification Course