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PurposeFULL Paws Mobility Dogs are trained to perform tasks for those with physical limitations or disabilities. These dogs are trained to pick up items that have been dropped and give them to their partner, open doors, turn off and on light switches, pull wheelchairs, as well as more tasks that will meet the specific needs of an individual with this type of disability.


PurposeFULL Paws Diabetic Alert Dogs are trained to assist people with Diabetes. These dogs are trained to detect and alert their partner to the chemical change in their body when the insulin or blood sugar levels increase or drop.


PurposeFULL Paws Autism Service Dogs are trained to assist children and their families with the challenges of Autism. These dogs assist by increasing safety in home and public situations. They can also help improve social interaction, verbal and nonverbal communication and appropriate coping skills.


PurposeFULL Paws Hearing Dogs are trained to assist people who are deaf or have hearing loss. These dogs alert their partner by pawing or nudging them when specific sounds occur and then taking them to the source of the sound.

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